We understand how much getting a tour expert/agent can make it easier for you when you are out for some tourism experience. Safety is a little more ensured; it saves cost, reduces the stress of trying to figure the city out by yourself, saves you time which allows for more destinations or tourist sites to be visited or covered and increases the possibility of you achieving a whole lot and more.

With our tour experts and available transport means you are sure to have that experience you desired. You will be surprised that it could cost you far lesser than you envisaged. Whether for fun or work, our tour experts are well educated and grounded in their job and know just how best to fill you in with all those right and necessary information you need to make your experience more meaningful.

Plan to visit National Museum Owerri, Nekede Zoo, Oguta Lake, Mbari Cultural and Art Centre, Owerri Mall, Dan Anyiam Stadium, Jacks and Sparks, Lounges/Clubs like, Avato, Cubana, Orange Room and Las Vegas and more within and without Imo State.

As a bonus service, we arrange for transportation means to take our guests from and to the airport. This service is available for guests only and at specified times, for a very reasonable price. Guests are advised to confirm availability to plan their movement better.