Macyview Hotels is a brand committed to Excellence and Integrity. With our ever friendly, ever happy, highly organized and dedicated staff and Management team, we are moving fast to becoming that big name you will love to reckon with always.

The name Macyview was born 9 years ago out of a heart full of love for humans of every race, color, tribe, ethnicity and culture, with a passion to give back to life and humanity, value for all fortunes and great experience.

With our:

  • Excellent Service,
  • Commitment to Management and Staff development,
  • Conscientious effort in ensuring a peaceful, beautiful and comfortable environment that revitalizes and inspires,
  • Deep seethed dedication to great maintenance culture,
  • Unquestionable value for feedback and insatiable desire for positive feedback from our clients/guests,
  • Zero tolerance for unsafe practices of all sorts from guest reception and safety, to property/assets protection, to room and environmental cleanliness, to food and beverage handling;
  • Awesome pricing,
  • Doable best practices with continuous improvement,
  • Happy staff/team,

We have a big edge over a teeming number of competitors and we look forward to satisfying your expectations, if not exceeding them.

For every time you are our guest, we are excited and for every time we beat your expectations, we are fulfilled.

Come to Macyview and enjoy a peaceful stay in a happy, friendly and homely environment full of a team that Loves, Cares and Preserves.